Due to the many varied choices on our ample menu, & the volume of our restaurant, we will not allow changes to our menu as it creates difficulties in our kitchen.Thank you for your understanding



no take-out between 6:30 & 8:30 pm

(organic local produce sourced mainly from BD’s Earth-Trine farm John Fonteyn’s Rio Gozo Farm & local farmers market)

locally inspired salads

Insalata Ojai, our local lettuce mix tossed in house made vinaigrette, topped with pumpkin seeds, avocado...12  (vegan)

Insalata Baxi, butter lettuce tossed in our house made tahini dressing topped with crumbled walnuts & pumpkin seeds...11   (vegan)

Insalata Semonzana, arugula in vinaigrette topped with apples, toasted seeds, crumbled walnuts & drizzled with balsamic reduction...13   (vegan)

Insalata Ortovegana, romaine lettuce in tahini dressing with radishes, fennel, carrots & toasted pumpkin seeds, drizzled with fresh local seasonal herb pesto.…13   (vegan)

Insalata Mediortola, romaine lettuce in vinaigrette, fresh mozzarella, radishes, fennel, carrots & toasted pumpkin seeds, drizzled with fresh local seasonal organic green herb pesto.…13

Insalata Cioxota, arugula, radicchio & beets in vinaigrette topped with sheeps milk feta cheese & drizzled with our balsamic reduction…12

Insalata Rocca, kale & radicchio in our vinaigrette topped with warm sauteed california shitake mushrooms, finished with italian parmesan cheese...14

Insalata Fragolosa, arugula & butter lettuce in vinaigrette topped with fresh local strawberries, crumbled walnuts & sheeps milk feta cheese...14

Insalata di Ceviche alla Mediterranea, arugula in vinaigrette topped with fresh wild local channel islands rockfish marinated ceviche style in lemon, garlic, torpedo onion, oregano, basil, greek olives, capers & red pepper flakes, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil...14 

 Insalata Giorgione, fresh mozzarella cheese, stone fruit (peaches, apricots, nectarines, avocado) topped w/our balsamic reduction, extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of sea salt & ojai basil...14

Insalata Pra’, our local lettuce mix in vinaigrette, topped with shredded pecorino cheese…11

Insalata Fontese, arugula in our house vinaigrette topped with parmesan cheese.…12

Insalata Amica, our local lettuce mix in vinaigrette with local organic oranges, tangerines, fennel, avocado, mediterranean olives & parmesan cheese.…13

(add warm shredded chicken breast for salad +6.75)     

  (add chilled shredded chicken breast for salad +4)

house made soups

Zuppa di Pollo e Verdure, roasted chicken, local organic vegetables & greens in our house made chicken broth…..11 

Cioppino del Pescatore, fresh local catch, scallops, shrimp & fresh clams, splashed with our lighly spiced tomato sauce & fresh organic local herbs, simmered in our house made seafood broth, served with toasted local artisanal bread...21

artisanal bread

Pane, Olio e Balsamico, artisanal local bread, served with italian extra virgin olive oil & our balsamic reduction sauce….5

Crostini di Campo Croce, toasted artisanal bread topped with sauteed fresh california shitake mushrooms & italian parmesan cheese….16

hand shaped pizza
10’ flatbread made from scratch in house & topped with our favorite ingredients, finished in our wood burning oven

Pizza Regina Margherita: our tomato sauce & fresh mozzarella, finished w/local organic basil...15

Pizza Valgreca: our seasonal local organic green herb pesto & sauteed local organic greens, with greek olives & sheep’s milk feta cheese...16

Pizza Boscaiola, our tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella & sauteed fresh shitake mushrooms...16   

Pizza al Salamino: our tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese & pepperoni (salamino)...15

Pizza Crespanese: our tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, house made pork sausage & local fresh organic oregano...17

Pizza al Portego: our tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella & italian prosciutto, finished with fresh ojai organic arugula….17

Pizza del Bob: our tomato sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, house made pork sausage, italian prosciutto & pepperoni(salamino)….18

Pizza Monfenera: tomato sauce, feta cheese, local radicchio & shredded braised lamb….17

Pizza di San Giacomo: shredded mozzarella, sea scallops & parma prosciutto finished with grated grana cheese & fresh local organic basil...22   (no tomato sauce)

Pizza Fravocada: mascarpone & fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh local strawberris, finished with ojai organic arugula, avocado & our balsamic reduction ...17

Cheese Pizza: topped with our house made tomato sauce & shredded mozzarella cheese...13

fresh house made ravioli
topped with browned butter, crispy local sage, italian parmesan cheese & a splash of tomato sauce

Agnolotti: white ravioli filled with house braised beef, italian prosciutto & cheese (7pc)...24

Baschetti: buckwheat ravioli filled with fresh seasonal mushrooms & italian cheese (7pc)….23

Cuscinetti:green local herb ravioli filled with roasted winter squash & italian cheese (7pc)...22

fresh house made pappardelle

Maltagliate all’Asolana: hand-cut wide white pasta ribbons in tomato sauce with braised beef tenderloin & local organic broccoli, topped with shredded pecorino cheese...25

Pisocheroni del Pastore : hand-cut wide buckwheat pasta ribbons tossed in fresh local organic mint pesto & braised lamb, topped with sheep’s milk feta cheese...25

Nastri Verdi alla Marittima: hand-cut wide green pasta ribbons in brandy-tomato-cream sauce, with fresh local catch, clams, scallops & shrimp, with fresh local organic arugula...26

imported italian pasta

 choice of Spaghetti or Penne or  Fusilli tossed in our house made sauces
(sub any fresh pappardelle + $ 5,  sub spaghetti squash + $ 4)  

Sugo di Pomodoro: our house made tomato sauce...14    (vegan)

Valverde: our local green herb pesto, seasonal local vegetables, greens & walnuts...18    (vegan)

Solagnana: our tomato sauce, seasonal local vegetables & greens, finished w/fresh mozzarella...18

Putanesca: our spicy tomato sauce with light anchiovie, greek olives & capers ...18

Trevisana: olive oil, roasted garlic, local organic radicchio, mushrooms & prosciutto...19

Padernota: tomato/cream sauce with roasted chicken breast & shitake mushrooms...19

Maserese: our tomato sauce, house made pork sausage, leeks & shredded pecorino cheese...19

Carbonara: fresh local organic egg, cream, prosciutto di parma & parmesan cheese...19      

Ezzelina: our own bolognese style recipe, house made, slow braised, ground beef ragout...19

Vongole: fresh clams, roasted garlic, oil, white wine, lemon, red pepper, italian parsley...19

Gamberini, tomato sauce, shrimp, local organic oregano, red pepper flakes, greek olives...20

Rosa’:our house made tomato & cream sauce....15

roasted spaghetti squash
tossed like pasta
Zucca Adriatica:lightly spiced tomato sauce with mediterranean olives & capers....20  (vegan)

main course specialties
served with sautéed locally grown organic greens & vegetables with roasted gold potatoes

Rombo al Miel e Mandarin:fresh wild local central coast halibut filet with local wild flower honey, fresh local citrus & turmeric butter….38

Halibut alla Dragoncella:fresh wild local central coast halibut filet sauteed in white wine, fresh local organic tarragon, lemon & pistachio….38

Petto di Pollo alla Zia Maria: breaded boneless chicken breast, sautéed with butter & sage...27

Lombata di Maiale al Rosmarino: bone-in pork chop roasted with local rosemary, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil….27

Bistecca di Fileto di Manzo: beef tenderloin steak, roasted with local organic sage, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil….39

polenta specials

Bacala’ Fresco della Casa, fresh wild local cod, simmered in olive oil, cream, milk, onions, garlic
 & capers served over creamy soft polenta….17

Spessatin de Fileto: our house braised beef tenderloin, served over creamy soft polenta, topped with parmesan cheese….19

add a side of sautéed locally grown organic greens & vegetables + $ 5

italian carnaroli rice with

Risotto Ortolano: fresh seasonal vegetables/greens, with sheep milk feta cheese.... 22

Risotto ai Funghi Stagionali: fresh seasonal mushrooms & parmesan cheese.... 25

Rixotto del Doxe: wild scallops, saffron & local organic arugula...28


Frittata del Contadino: local farm fresh egg frittata with house made pork sausage, sauteed local organic greens & mozzarella cheese, drizzled with our tomato sauce...14

Frittata del Giardino: local farm fresh egg frittata with fresh seasonal vegetables, greens & sheep milk feta cheese, drizzled with our local organic herb pesto sauce...14


house-made tiramisu’….9

italian raspberry cheese cake….9

italian wild berry tart….8.50 

italian chocolate cake….9

italian gelato (1 scoop….4) , (2 scoops….8)