(organic produce sourced directly from Earth-Trine, Steel Acres & Rio Gozo Farms, as well as our local farmers market)

crostini, bruschetta & caprese

Bruschetta al Pomodoro Fresco, toasted bread topped with fresh local organic tomato, garlic & basil, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil….12    (vegan)

Tostanelli di Verdizo: toasted bread topped fresh local organic power greens sautéed with cured pancetta, topped with shredded pecorino romano cheese….12

Pate’, toasted bread with duck offal & shitake mushrooms, drizzled with balsamic reduction....12

Crostini di Campo, toasted bread topped with sautéed fresh californian grown shitake mushrooms, finished with shaved grana padano cheese....14

Caprese Classica, slices of fresh local organic tomato, topped with burrata cheese & basil, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil….12 

Capri Calivegana, slices of fresh local organic tomato, topped with avocado & basil, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil….12    (vegan)

house starters

Spessatin al Filet de Bo: red wine braised beef tenderloin, served over creamy soft polenta, topped with crumbled parmigiano reggiano cheese….16.50

Bacala’, fresh wild local cod, simmered in olive oil, cream, milk, onions, garlic & capers, served over creamy soft polenta….15

Gamberi e Polenta alla Veneta: northern italian version of shrimp & grits: fresh wild & local santa
 barbara spot prawns sautéed in with cured pancetta, served over creamy soft polenta….18.50

Sevice all’Italica, fresh wild local catch of the day, marinated ceviche style in fresh squeezed local lemon with garlic, tomatoes, torpedo onion, oregano, basil, mediterranean olives, capers & red pepper flakes, over local organic arugula...13.50 

Ostriche Crude, half dozen fresh baja california oysters served raw on the half shell….17.50


 Estate: Zuppetta fredda, (ask about today’s chilled soup special)…..9

Zuppa di Pollo e Verdure, roasted mary’s free range chicken & organic vegetable…..9.50 

Brodettino di Mare, fresh local catch & baja clams in lightly spiced tomato/lemon broth....17

made with local organic produce from earthtrine, steel acres & rio gozo farms, tossed in house made dressing
Insalata alla Fontese, arugula in vinaigrette, topped with shaved grana padano cheese.…10

Insalata del Prato, lettuce mix in vinaigrette, topped w/crumbled parmigiano reggiano cheese…10

Insalata Tiziana, mixed radicchio in vinaigrette, drizzled with balsamic reduction…10  (vegan)

Insalata Sofi, butter leaf lettuce in vinaigrette with toasted seeds, sprouts & avocado...11.50  (vegan)

Insalata dell’Orto, lettuce mix in vinaigrette with carrots, radishes, seeds & walnuts…12   (vegan)

Insalata Balkana, arugula in vinaigrette, with cucumber, tomatoes, torpedo onion, mediterranean olives & sheeps milk feta cheese ...12

Insalata Sasso, romaine lettuce in vinaigrette, stone fruit, burrata cheese, balsamic reduction..12

Insalata all’Amicizia, lettuce mix in vinaigrette with local citrus, fennel, avocado & mediterranean olives, topped with shaved grana padano cheese.…13

Insalata Rocca, mixed radicchio & beets, in vinaigrette with burrata cheese & walnuts, drizzled with our balsamic reduction…13 

Insalata Fietta, romaine lettuce in vinaigrette with shredded mary’s free range chicken, avocado, sheep’s milk feta cheese, sprouts & toasted seeds....14

fresh house made ravioli
topped with browned butter, crispy sage, crumbled parmigiano reggiano cheese & a splash of tomato sauce
Agnolotti: ravioli filled with local free range beef, fine italian prosciutto & cheese...21

Cappuccetti Verdi: green ravioli filled with local organic greens & fine italian cheese ….21

fresh house made pasta
tossed in our house made sauces   
Pappardelle alla Campagnola: hand-cut wide pasta ribbons tossed in tomato sauce with house made local pork sausage, local organic black kale & fennel, with shaved grana padano cheese....22

Nastri Verdi alla Cavasia: hand-cut wide green pasta ribbons tossed in olive oil, garlic & a dash of cream, with roast duck & local organic broccoli, topped with crumbled parmigiano reggiano....22

Trenette all’Ezzellina: green pasta ribbons tossed in ground local pasture raised beef ragout, topped with shaved grana padano cheese...22  

Fettucine di Limone alla Marittima: lemon & herb pasta ribbons tossed in brandy-tomato-cream sauce with fresh wild local catch, baja california clams & local organic arugula...24.50

imported italian pasta
premium-organic pasta tossed in our house made sauces
Pasta al Sugo di Pomodoro: choice of imported organic pasta tossed in our tomato sauce...13 (vegan)

Penne al Pesto-Vegano con Verdure: short tube pasta tossed in local green herb pesto, with fresh locally grown organic vegetables & crumbled walnuts....17.50    (vegan)

Lumache all’Asolana: little round shell pasta tossed in tomato-cream sauce,w/shredded free range chicken & shitake mushrooms, topped with shredded pecorino cheese...19.50

Farfalle al Fumo e Fuoco: colorful butterfly pasta tossed in our spicy tomato sauce with smoked mozzarella, salamino picante (pepperoni) & olives, topped with fresh local organic basil....19

Gemelle alla Carbonara Grappese: short spiral pasta tossed with fresh local monarch farm duck egg parmigiano reggiano, cream, pancetta, cracked black pepper, radicchio & torpedo onion...19

Vermicelli con Vongole: long string pasta tossed with fresh baja clams in olive oil, garlic, italian parsley & red pepper flakes...19

spaghetti squash
roasted then tossed like pasta,
Zucca all’Adriatica: lightly spiced tomato sauce with mediterranean olives & capers....19  (vegan)

today’s wild catch (ask you server)….33
prepared in any of these ways, served with sautéed locally grown organic vegetables & roasted gold potatoes

Miel e Mandarin: ojai wildflower honey, tangerine & turmeric butter

Al Brodo Marino: lightly spiced lemon -tomato broth with local organic oregano

Pistachio: fresh local organic herb & pistacchio pesto, topped with sprouts & seeds

main course (poultry & meat)
served with sautéed locally grown organic vegetables & roasted gold potatoes

Pollo alla Parmigiana: boneless, skinless mary’s free range chicken breast, breaded & sautéed, topped with our tomato sauce & melted burrata cheese, finished with fresh local organic basil & crumbled parmigiano reggiano cheese….24

Gamba e Coscia D’Anatra: leg & thigh of mary’s free range california duck, braised with local wildflower honey, orange, fennel & balsamic reduction….21

Lombata di Maiale al Rosmarino: fresh bone-in californian thick cut pork chop roasted with local organic rosemary, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil….24

Bistecca di Filetto di Bue alla Salvia: fresh tenderloin steak, 100% pasture raised beef, roasted with local organic sage, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil….39

summer specialties
(offered during the long/hot ojai summer)

Speciatita’ del Pescatore, fresh wild local catch of the day filet sauteed in white wine & lemon, served with fresh local lettuce mix salad …21.50

Specialita’ della Zia Maria al Pollo: boneless, skinless mary’s free range chicken breast, breaded & sautéed with sage & butter, served with fresh local organic tomato, onion & basil salad….21

Specialita’ Estiva alla Tagliata di Manzo: sliced free range beef tenderloin steak served with local organic arugula salad, topped with shaved grana Padano cheese….36

(premium italian carnaroli rice with our fresh local produce & herbs)
Riso alla Valle di Ojai: seasonal vegetables, lemon, capers & dill....21  (vegan)

Risi al Fior con Zucchine: mixed zucchini & blossoms with parmigiano reggiano cheese...21

Risotin del Mar: a mix of our fresh wild local catch, tossed with lemon & sorrel....24

duck egg frittata’s
(made with fresh local organic monarch farm duck eggs & local organic produce)
Frittata Ortolana: burrata cheese, vegetables & greens, topped w/avocado & green herb pesto...14

Frittata del Corte: pancetta, chicken, burrata & smoked mozzarella cheese, arugula & olive oil...14