Dinner at OMG
(organic produce sourced directly from Earth-Trine, Steel Acres & Rio Gozo Farms, as well as our local farmers market)

soups & starters
prepared in house with our fine ingredients
Vegetarian-Local Organic Vegetable Soup, (ask about today’s special)…..8.50

Zuppa di Pollo e Verdure, roasted mary’s free range chicken & organic vegetable…..9.50 

Brodettino di Mare, fresh local catch & baja clams in lightly spiced tomato/lemon broth....17

Pate’, toasted bread with duck offal & shitake mushrooms, drizzled with balsamic reduction....12

Crostini di Campo, toasted bread topped with sautéed fresh californian grown shitake mushrooms, finished with shaved grana padano cheese....14

Verdizo Misto al Pomodoro e Pancetta, creamy soft polenta topped with mixed local organic power greens & pancetta sauteed in our tomato sauce finished with aged pecorino cheese....12

Bacala’, fresh wild local cod, simmered in olive oil, cream, milk, onions, garlic & capers, served over creamy soft polenta….15

Ostriche Crude, half dozen fresh baja california oysters served raw on the half shell….17

 Gamberi e Polenta alla Veneta: northern italian version of shrimp & grits: fresh wild & local santa barbara spot prawns sautéed in with cured pancetta, served over creamy soft polenta….19.50

made with local organic produce from earthtrine, steel acres & rio gozo farms, tossed in house made dressing
Insalata alla Fontese, arugula in vinaigrette, topped with shaved grana padano cheese.…10

Insalata del Prato, lettuce mix in vinaigrette, topped w/crumbled parmigiano reggiano cheese…10

Insalata Tiziana, radicchio & torpedo onion in vinaigrette, with balsamic reduction…10  (vegan)

Insalata Capodistria, arugula & pea tenderils in vinaigrette w/toasted seeds & avocado...11  (vegan)

Insalata del Giardiniere, lettuce mix in vinaigrette with shaved carrots, radishes, turnips, toasted seeds & crumbled walnuts…12     (vegan)

Insalata Fragulata, arugula in vinaigrette with fresh strawberries, burrata cheese & sprouts drizzled with our balsamic reduction …12

Insalata della Rocca, radicchio, frisee’& beets, in vinaigrette with fresh burrata cheese & walnuts drizzled with our balsamic reduction…13 

Insalata all’Amicizia, lettuce mix in vinaigrette with local citrus, fennel, avocado & mediterranean olives, topped with shaved grana padano cheese.…13

Insalata Jesolana, black kale & frisee tossed in vinaigrette topped with fresh wild local rockfish filet sauteed in white wine & lemon, topped with green herb pesto & sprouts…18

hand made flatbread
10’, baked in our wood burning oven with our house made sauces, californian,  local, organic & fine italian toppings
Pizza Regina: tomato sauce & burrata cheese, finished with fresh oregano...14

Pizza Cometa: tomato sauce & sautéed vegetables, finished w/avocado & sprouts....15   (vegan)

Pizza Agricola: green herb pesto, burrata cheese & sautéed vegetables, finished w/arugula...15

Pizza Zingara: tomato sauce, burrata cheese, salamino (pepperoni), torpedo onion & olives....16

Pizza Mira: tomato sauce, smoked mozzarella, house made pork sausage, fennel & capers....16

Pizza Nani: smoked mozzarella & burrata cheese, prosciutto & sautéed shitake mushrooms...16

Pizza Baita, smoked mozzarella, power greens, duck, fried duck egg, finished w/ herb pesto…16

fresh house made ravioli
topped with browned butter, crispy sage, crumbled parmigiano reggiano cheese & a splash of tomato sauce
Agnolotti: ravioli filled with free range beef, prosciutto di parma & cheese...21

Boscaioli: buckwheat ravioli filled with fresh seasonal mushrooms & cheese….21

Cappuccetti Verdi: green ravioli filled with local organic collard greens & cheese ….21

fresh house made pasta
tossed in our house made sauces
Bigolini al Stagno: thin buckwheat pasta tossed in olive oil, garlic & a dash of cream, with mary’s free range california duck & fresh wild local nettles, w/crumbled parmigiano reggiano cheese...21

Maltagliate alla San Zenonese: hand-cut wide pasta ribbons, house made pork sausage, tomato sauce, local organic lacinato kale & torpedo onion, with shredded pecorino cheese....22.50

Trenette Verdi alla Putanesca con Rombo: green pasta ribbons tossed in spicy tomato sauce with fresh wild local central coast halibut, mediterranean olives & capers...22.50

Fettucine di Limone alla Marittima: lemon & herb pasta ribbons tossed in brandy-tomato-cream sauce, with fresh wild local catch & baja california clams, with local organic arugula...25

spaghetti squash
roasted then tossed like pasta,
Zucca all’Adriatica: lightly spiced tomato sauce with mediterranean olives & capers....19  (vegan)

Zucchetta Spaghettata alle Noci: cream sauce with walnuts & power greens, topped with crumbled pamigiano reggiano....21

imported italian pasta
premium-organic pasta tossed in our house made sauces
Pasta al Sugo di Pomodoro: choice of imported organic pasta tossed in our tomato sauce...13 (vegan)

Rustiche al Pestovallese: short curly pasta tossed in green herb pesto & parmesan cheese,with fresh locally grown organic vegetables & crumbled walnuts....18 

Penne all’Asolana: short tube pasta tossed in tomato-cream sauce,with shredded free range chicken & shitake mushrooms, topped with shredded pecorino cheese...19.50

Gemelle alla Carbonara Grappese: short spiral pasta tossed with fresh local monarch farm duck egg parmigiano reggiano, cream, pancetta, cracked black pepper, radicchio & torpedo onion...19

Spaghetti all’Ezzellina: string pasta tossed in ground local pasture raised beef ragout, topped with shaved grana padano cheese...19  

Vermicelli con Vongole: string pasta tossed with fresh baja clams in olive oil, garlic, italian parsley & red pepper flakes...19

(premium italian carnaroli rice with our fresh local produce & herbs)
Riso alla Valle di Ojai: seasonal vegetables, lemon, capers & dill....21  (vegan)

Risotto all’Arsiese: free range duck & power greens, w/shredded pecorino cheese...22

Risi del Mare: a mix of our fresh wild local catch, tossed with lemon & sorrel....23

Risot Sporco: balsamic sauteed duck offal(gizzards, hearts, livers), torpedo onion…18

meat, poultry & today’s wild catch
served with sautéed locally grown organic vegetables & roasted gold potatoes
Halibut al Brodo Marino: fresh wild local central coast hailbut filet in lightly spiced lemon/tomato broth with local organic oregano….33

Merluso Nero al Miel e Mandarin: fresh wild local central coast black cod filet with ojai valley wildflower honey, local tangerine & turmeric butter….32

Dentice al Pistacchio: fresh wild central coast rockfish filet sautéed in white wine, lemon & local organic green herb & pistachio pesto….27

Petto di Pollo alla Zia Maria: boneless, skinless mary’s free range chicken breast, breaded & sautéed with sage & butter….24

Gamba e Coscia D’Anatra: leg & thigh of mary’s free range california duck, braised with local
 wildflower honey, orange, fennel & balsamic reduction….21

Lombata di Maiale al Rosmarino: fresh bone-in californian thick cut pork chop roasted with local
 organic rosemary, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil….24

Tagliata di Manzo alle Erbe: fresh tenderloin steak, 100% pasture raised beef, sliced & drizzled
 with fresh local woody herb pesto….38


Weekend Lunch at OMG, served Saturdays & Sundays only
(from 11:30 am to 3:00 pm)